Over the years, I have worked in multiple sectors, from small labs and start-ups to large technology companies. The product of my work has been an array of instruments and interfaces that that help people learn, perform, and connect through sound. I have experience working in interdisciplinary teams of diverse stake-holders posing new questions and creating innovative technologies. My research contributes to fundamental knowledge in the intersection of human computer interaction (HCI) and listening (e.g. sound, music).

Academic Research

I have experience conducting scientific and engineering research in colleges and universities.

Brain Music Lab, Georgia TechEmpathic Effects of Auditory HeartbeatsGrace Leslie2018-2020
Sonification Lab, Georgia TechSolar System, Science Simulations Bruce N. Walker2016-2018
Robotic Musicianship Group, Georgia TechInsight, Robotic Arm, Brain MusicGil Weinberg2014-2016
IDMIL, McGill UniversitySonification of Emotion & GesturesMarcelo M. Wanderley2011-2013
Physics Department, College of WoosterTheoretical Particle Physics, SOCDeva O’Neil & Don Jacobs2010

Engineering & Industry

I have worked in innovative teams building auditory technologies for multimedia & information perceptualization.

PhET Interactive SimulationsAccessibility Researcher & DesignerEmily B. Moore2017-2020
Hop LabsSonic UX DeveloperAnkur Kalra2017
Microsoft Research (MSR)CV & Accessibility InternNeel Joshi & Meredith Ringel Morris2016
Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)Cybersecurity InternLee Lerner2014-2015
Schulich School of MusicLivestream Engineer & CoordinatorGeorge Massenberg & Richard King2012-2013
Sennheiser Technology & Innovation CenterVirtual Acoustics InternDaniel Schlessinger & Veronique Larcher 2012

Freelance Development & Consulting

I have provided auditory human-factors design and technology for small start-ups, conferences, and exploratory research teams.

Intellishot, LLCNoxious Sounds Designer2019-2020
ThinkNow, Inc.Auditory UX Designer2019
Office of Naval ResearchPerceptualization Consultant 2018-2019
Facebook ResearchSonic Design Consultant2018
Honeywell TurboSonification Specialist2016-2017
BKN25, MCM2013Website Developer2013-2014
ELVIS ProjectSoftware Developer2013